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Experiencing nature

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Mehler-Holz Route

On the trail of the change of the forest

Starting point: National park parking area “Dinkelsburg” near Mehlen (51.160618, 9.097612)

Length: 6.3 km

Short description: The Mehler-Holz route starts with an impressive view over the Edertal towards Waldeck. If you follow the symbol of the bat you will walk along the bottom of the Rabenstein through oak forests and pinewoods with a wealth of moss. But here on the eastern end of the national park the change of the forest and the development to a new wilderness is also visible. Below the thin shields of ancient oaks which tell of past times of grazing, and where the pine fell the beech urges its way up.

Note: The Mehler-Holz route may also be started from Affoldern via the Goldgräberpfad or from Kleinern.

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