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Experiencing nature

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Deep down into the sea of beeches

The forests of the Kellerwald-Edersee National Park offer unique experiences of nature throughout the year, for it is precisely the multifaceted seasons which make them something special. The national park largely does without information boards etc. in order not to disturb the developing wilderness. Instead, nature can be explored via marked footpaths on one’s own.

The charming hiking trails in the national park lead along enchanted creeks and clear springs. They lead through quiet meadow valleys and along steep slopes. They lead to wonderful viewpoints and down to the Edersee. And all of them lead into the fascinating wilderness of the national park.

There are 20 circular hiking trails starting from 13 parking areas for hikers. Each trail is marked with an animal or plant symbol. A short description, including distance and elevation zones is provided at the parking area.

Hiking in the national park, in the kingdom of the quaint beeches, is a very special experience – experiencing wilderness on one’s own. The special features of the national park may be accessed through 20 circular routes, marked with animal and plant symbols, which can be managed on half-day tours. They complete the regional main hiking trails, such as Kellerwaldsteig, Urwaldsteig Edersee and Ederhöhenweg which run through the national park. The routes start from the designated parking areas for hikers. These are equipped with sign-boards and give information as to length, course, special features and level of difficulty. There are numbered poles at places of interest along some of the routes; an accompanying booklet gives the necessary details.

The booklets as well as leaflets and maps may be obtained from the information facilities of the region.

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