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Ederseeradweg ER 2

Experiencing Frankenauer Flur

The 28-km-long ER2 branches off the ER into the Eder-Radweg (E) at Vöhl-Herzhausen. The ER2 leaves the Edertal at the level of Schmittlotheim and follows the softly ascending Lorfetal through Altenlotheim to Frankenau.

The extensive forest landscape of the nature park pauses on the plateau of the Kellerwald. Flowering meadows, neglected grassland and heath show a successful peasant agricultural land use. The witnesses of the past are preserved by means of traditional domestic animal breeds and flocks of sheep.

Through the national park

The ER2 leaves the cultural landscape at the Feriendorf Frankenau holiday village and dives into the forests of the national park. Expansive quaint beech forests, interspersed with rocks and boulder fields, clear springs and creeks as well as calm meadow valleys and forest glades form the natural treasure of the national park. The ER 2 leads via Quernst and Fahrentriesch back to Herzhausen.

Route length and road condition

Total length: 28.2 km

of which 13.8 km are gravelled and 14.4 km asphalt.

Ederseeradweg ER2

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Ederseeradweg ER 2 (ER2)

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