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Ederseeradweg ER

Rides around lake Edersee

The marked Ederseerundweg (ER) is an adventure for the whole family. The 50-km long tour surrounds the deep-blue lake on largely paved roads – riding between water and forest at all times.

Naturally, the Edersee appears to be and reminds one of the Scandinavian fjords. The bends of the lake surrounded by forest offer oases of quiet recreation and leisure activities in nature. From the unique forests of the steep slopes you will have marvellous views across the lake and the forest landscape.

A large section of the route leads directly along the shore of the Edersee. In summer, the clear, clean lake invites you to enjoy a refreshing bathing experience. In late summer, the “Edersee Atlantis” emerges from the floods. Only after reaching the massive dam wall one realises the enormous water masses dammed up in the windings of the river Eder: the 27-km long lake has a capacity of approximately 200 million m³. You can also combine your cycle tour with shipping.

Route length and road condition

Total length: 50.3 km

of which 18.7 km are gravelled and 31.6 km asphalt.

Ederseeradweg ER

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Ederseeradweg ER (ER)

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