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Unique low-mountain natural beech forests

In the centre of Germany, south of the Edersee, is an exceptional beech forest in terms of its size and nativeness to Germany. The peaceful and widespread landscape character of the Kellerwald-Edersee National Park is characterised by more than 50 mountains and peaks. Viewed from the air, the park looks like a sea of beech trees, the extensive ancient forests undissected by roads or settlements. A walk through the forest will be rewarded with frequent vistas of the winding Edersee, whose inlets appear almost fjord-like as they extend into the beech forests.

The Kellerwald is home to the acidic-soil low-mountain beech forest on shale and greywacke. Extensive old beech forests with relics of primeval forest, which are unique in Central Europe, characterise the picture of the wide hilly forest landscape.

The beech reaches its limits on rocky slopes and boulder fields and forms bizarre forests. Hundreds of pure-water springs originate in the depth of the beech forest.

Reserve: Kellerwald-Edersee National Park

World Natural Heritage area: 1,467 ha

Zone: colline-sub-montane

Federal state: Hesse

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