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Unique aesthetics of the seasons

In the west of Thuringia, between Mühlhausen, Bad Langensalza and the Wartburg city of Eisenach, the beech forest puts on a dazzling display in spring, when the first rays of strong summer sunlight create enchanting carpets of blooms. Before the ramsons (bear’s garlic) spread the fragrance of its starry white flowers in the forest, the pinkish-lilac hollowroot (corydalis) carpets hundreds of hectares of forest floor. As soon as the ancient beech trees develop their foliage, the forest floor darkens again beneath the canopy, and the competition for light begins, with over 30 species of deciduous trees competing for their place in the sun alongside the dominant beech.

The best European low-mountain beech forests with a wealth of species grow on limestone in Hainich.

It is the largest undisturbed area of deciduous forest in Germany. The forest landscape is characterized by coherent beech forests. The beech forest with its wealth of species exerts fascination by colourful seasonal facets.

Reserve: Hainich National Park

World Natural Heritage area: 1,573 ha

Zone: colline-sub-montane

Federal state: Thuringia


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