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Experiencing nature

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Visitors‘ information

Code of conduct and notices

Warning notice

The forests in the national park are not used for forestry purposes. Old trees and trees with a risk for breaking are not removed. Trees may overturn and branches may fall onto the trails. Visiting the national park and using all footpaths is at your own risk! Do not go into the woods in strong winds, hard rain and snow.

National park code of conduct

The national park protects our natural heritage. Humans are only guests here. Nature needs your respect. Please follow the rules of conduct.

Nature is critically disturbed by the following behaviour:

Marked hiking trails

The attractions of the national park can be accessed via the marked hiking trails. Circular trails starting at the parking area are marked with symbols of animals and plants. The regional major trails “Kellerwaldsteig“ and “Urwaldsteig-Edersee“, marked with a „K“ or with „UE“ respectively, lead through the national park.

Signposts with place names are located at selected junctions. They are to serve as orientation points for hikers.

Points of rescue

Points of rescue are provided for in the national park; these are marked on the general map. If you need help you can inform the rescue service (call 112) of the respective location. The mobile network does not cover the entire area.


No liability is assumed for the accuracy of information in the text and the maps.

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